Neurology Consultants of Kansas

Aduhelm (FDA approved disease treatment for Alzheimer’s)

  • Aduhelm (aducanumab) is a monthly antibody infusion designed to break down microscopic substance (amyloid plaque) in the brain that’s associated with Alzheimer’s.  It is hoped that less amyloid means slower worsening of Alzheimer’s, but studies haven’t clearly shown that.
  • Studies showed less amyloid in mild AD patients, not advanced AD patients.
  • Biogen is planning to charge over $50k per year for monthly infusions.  We have to wait and see how Medicare and other insurances will pay for this, including any restrictions.
  • We also need to find out which facilities will be providing infusions.  Please contact our office in a month when we should have more information.
    40% of patients on treatment had brain swelling, inflammation or small bleeds on MRI monitoring during the 1-year studies.  Most had no symptoms from this, but patients will be required to have MRI brain 6 months and 12 months after starting treatment.
  • Roughly 20% of patients had headaches, 15% had falls and 8% had confusion during the study.