Neurology Consultants of Kansas

Bart A. Grelinger

Bart A. Grelinger


Neurology Consultants of Kansas since: 1992

Dr. Grelinger received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. He received his medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, Kansas. After completing a medical internship, Dr. Grelinger went to the University of Colorado, where he completed a three-year residency in neurology and a subsequent one-year fellowship in neuromuscular disease.

Dr. Grelinger is board certified in neurology and electrodiagnostic medicine. He has been in active medical practice since 1992. In addition to clinic roles, he teaches students and residents as an Assistant Clinical Professor with the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita. He is active in the medical community and recently was President of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County. He regularly lectures on neurological issues to lay and professional groups and is active on several boards in the community. He has been recognized by his peers with the annual Best Doctors Award on multiple occasions over the years. 

2017 Best Doctors: Bart Grelinger, Neurology Consultants of Kansas

“I can never recall wanting to be anything other than a physician. God has given me individual talents that seem uniquely suited for this profession. Medicine is demanding yet emotionally and intellectually rewarding. I can think of no better way for me to interact with and serve others.”

Outside the practice:

As much as Dr. Grelinger enjoys the practice of neurology, time with family and friends is invaluable. His wife is his best friend and the perfect way to start and finish every day. Dr. Grelinger loves regular runs with the guys, a glass of wine, and seat time on a motorcycle. He believes life is too short not to live to the fullest every minute of every day.