Neurology Consultants of Kansas

Gautham P. Reddy

Gautham P. Reddy


Neurology Consultants of Kansas since: 2002

Gautham grew up in Hill City, a small town in northwest Kansas. His father was one of two physicians in town, and Gautham learned a lot about dedication to one’s profession from him; although, unlike his father, he “may not” wait until age 72 to retire. His wife, Rebecca Reddy, is a pediatrician here in Wichita with her own practice, Redbud Pediatrics. They both trained at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where they learned from some of the best physicians in the country and treated a wide variety of patients. But after school, both being natives of Kansas, the pull was strong back to the Sunflower State. They’ve been in Wichita since 2002 and have enjoyed living and raising their three children here.

He decided on neurology during a rotation in medical school, where he met his future colleague, Dr. Schwertfeger. He was drawn to neurology because he felt there’s a bit more “detective work” in diagnosing and treating many patients.

As a physician and neurologist, I’d use the word thoughtful to describe myself. In the dictionary, thoughtful has two main definitions: “showing consideration for the needs of other people” and “showing careful consideration or attention. Both are important as a physician. I may not have all the answers, but I can at least give each patient my consideration and attention, which hopefully can still be a valuable service.