Neurology Consultants of Kansas

Robert J. Murphy

Robert J. Murphy



Dr. Murphy is a Wichita native, graduating from Wichita East High School before attending the University of Kansas and receiving his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry. Having previously had an interest in the neurosciences, he spent nearly one year learning the core principles of neurology while shadowing a local neurologist before attending the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City for his medical education.

Dr. Murphy attended the University of Kansas for his neurology residency, where he received two awards for yearly research projects for his academic class, was named joint Neurology Resident Teacher of the Year in 2014, and was the Chief Resident in 2016. He elected to complete a Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at the University of Kansas as well, before eagerly returning back home, where he joined Neurology Consultants of Kansas in 2017.

Although Dr. Murphy has a special interest in neuromuscular disorders, he enjoys the challenge of evaluating and managing a variety of neurologic conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, movement disorders, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and headache disorders, among others. Neurology has always been his greatest interest, recognizing it remains an emerging field for new and improving therapies. He also enjoys the role compassion and understanding can play in a specialty in which currently untreatable conditions are awaiting exciting breakthroughs.

Outside the Practice:

Dr. Murphy enjoys spending time with his family, watching soccer (football!) any chance he gets, running, and spending time outdoors. Although he is a die-hard Jayhawks fan, his parents graduated from Missouri and University of Missouri-Kansas City and his sister attended Kansas State before completing her nursing degree at Wichita State, so he fully understands a house divided!